Monday, January 11, 2010

Kun je het zout even aangeven?

The translation to the title basically means "Can you pass the salt?" We are in a salt shortage over here! seriously a salt shortage!

I ran out of salt this weekend and I went to the store today with my husband to quickly pick some up...but there wasn't any to buy. So we went to another store and my husband ran in. I waited and waited. He came out with this container of salt and told me it cost 3.50 american dollars for it! There was no other salt and this was one of the last two they had. Was this magical salt and why in the hell don't they have any in the stores!

We've been hit so hard with the snow that they have run out of salt for the roads. In one town they even spread 18 tons of colored scented bath salt all over the roads!!.  The only salt we could find in the store is some "healthy" type salt that costs more. All I could do was laugh because some things sound so odd to me even now. There is also talk of a possible egg shortage in the years to come and the egg prices will rise. I need a farm to raise  chickens for the eggs and a little out building to harvest my own salt.  I need to learn how to mass produce my own bread, become friends with a farmer/butcher to purchase a roast worthy of cooking instead of laughing and asking what is everyone else going to eat because this certainly won't feed 4 people. Anyway incase anyone has nothing better to do, I sure would love some salt(kidding of course). In the mean time Im going to take my healthy salt and bake some really naughty things with it to validate the crazy price for it:)


Lost in Translation said...

Hey Sonya,
We have tons of salt in our stores no shortage here. I can send you some next time, just let me know. Here it is super cheap I think I paid .19 cents Euro for 1 box.

lytha said...

validate away, girl!

that is crazy! i mean, what!?!??!?! who knew!

i mean i heard of the *rock*salt shortage, but not a cooking salt one!

bath salts? are you kidding me?!

oh dear, i wish you were.

i find it so odd here that our aldi will sometimes run out of things like meat or milk. huh? how is that possible!? well, i guess i live in a backwards country where things are not well planned.


well, i should say something nice.

ok, last night, my man and i were playing a board game, (settlers of catan) and he went and got the last of the german christmas cookies called "gewurz speculatius" - ginger snaps. i yanked them away and enjoyed a few as well. my goodness i love these things! too bad it's january.


Frau said...

Too funny! Salt shortage...Oh My! I think they throw sand or dirt on the snowy roads here. Have a wonderful week.

Sonya said...

Lytha it's the same over here..if u get to the store to late there is no bread,milk or eggs..they never EVER re stock here.

I think they are using all salt that is available right now wish is why there is non to be Craziness!

Lost in Translation: Im good to go for awile and hopefully by then the snow melts and we get our salt abck..if not I shall be e-mailing

Katy ~ said...

Oh for heaven's sake!

First WE thought we were having a canned pumpkin shortage (I went out and bought like 2 dozen cans of the stuff), then there was supposed to be a shortage on tomatoes (won't tell you how many canned tomatoes I bought LOL), and now you folks are running out of SALT? Good grief!!

So did the street smell pretty with all that bath salt? Perhaps you could tell them that kitty litter works pretty well on slippery surfaces... and save the salt.


Nancy C said...

This tells me a lot about a world beyond super Wal-Marts and endless junk...imagine a salt shortage!

Marla said...

" .... 18 tons of colored scented bath salt all over the roads."

Now that would have been a sight to see.

Frau said...

My daughter told me this morning that classmates told her Bremen ran out of salt too! Kinda funny when you think of people sprinkling table salt on driveways.

Sonya said...

Katy I guess the roads smelled of green tea and I wish we lived closer to that town. I would of taken a picture for sure.

Frau isnt it just nuts? lol

Sinful Southern Sweets said...

Oh Wow! I do wish to see pictures of the "bath salt covered town" if those ever show up in the news. That is hilarious. I agree you should bake something totally naughty since you had to spend so much for the salt!!

Crystal Escobar said...

lol, that's crazy, and so funny about scented bath salt to melt snow. You'll never run out of salt, here in Salt Lake City :)

Droomvla said...

Really? I'll check out tomorrow if they still sell salt over here!

Aledys Ver said...

Bath salts on the roads? Lol! I hadn't heard that one!
While I was touring around Argentina last October I drove through the "Salinas Grandes", a huge salt dessert in the province where I come from... If only I had known.....!!! :o)