Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sundays In My City....

Hello everyone from snowy Holland!! It's another week in Sunday's In My City hosted by Unknown Mami. This week's theme is..incase you didn't already SNOW!! Oh how I love snow. I realise we don't have alot but you take what you can get and be happy with it! As luck would have it, my area has been least affected by the snow..everyone else got tons AND tons. There is an 80% chance that we will have a white christmas and in my 35 years of being on this will be the first time I get to experience that. Im beyond excited. 

I went out this morning and took photos of my front yard, the area across the street and then two shots of the street itself. I hope you enjoy looking! Head over to Unknow Mami to see what everyone else is up to!

This is across the street and what I see when I look out my window!

This is the the street to the right when we come out of our place.

This is to the left. I love this area because our two sons only need to walk about 30 seconds to school wich is located on the left side of the street sign you see right there. I hope everyone has a wonderful week...Christmas is almost here!!!!   

Unknown Mami