Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sundays In My City....

Happy Sunday Everyone! I was sooo hoping to bring you a lovely christmas post this week. However my husband worked graveyard shift all last week so that ment getting out to take some photos really hard. Plus believe it or not, the dutch really do not go all out for christmas like I am used to. I'm hoping between now and next week I can snap some christmas spirit around my town. Until then, I wanted to show you my favorite photos I took from two zoos in Germany this summer.

I never ever get tired of going to the zoo. I can spend all day there just looking at the animals. I try and go to new ones each time because everyone has something special to offer. The picture of the Gorilla is blurry..but it was ment to be. When I spotted him sitting by himself I started snapping the camera right away..and then something happend. He looked right at me and leaned back so I couldn't see his face. I waited for a few seconds and then he leaned forward with his hands covering his eyes. He peeked at me again and I put my camera up again to take his picture. It was then that he gave up and just looked at me with those sad eyes. I. Felt. Horrible.

I just looked at him as he looked at me. I told him I was sorry out loud and walked away. All he wanted was to sit there and relax and I took that away from him. I have such mixed feelings sometimes about going there. You can argue the value of a zoo in many ways and I'm not here to do that. Im a huge animal lover but that face really got to me and the human emotion he displayed of just wanting to be left alone spoke volumes. I hope you all enjoy your sunday. Please head over to Unknown Mami and check her city out aswell and everyone else's. Have a wonderfull and see you next sunday!
Unknown Mami