Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sundays In My City....

Wow has this week gone by fast! It' sunday again and that means Sunday's In My City hosted by Unknown Mami. Head on over and check everyone elses sunday out. This week my theme is "Running Errands". I did a ton of those this week.

I'm taking you on a trip around my neighborhood...well the shopping part of it. Every neighborhood almost has their own small shopping center. You can see the store Aldi where I run in weekly to stock up on groceries. Now across the street from Aldi you can see the road with the big building on the right? The bottom part is my doctor and pharmacy. You know whats neat about that? For one I can walk to it, for two if I need a prescription, my doctor sits at her computer and puts it in and when I walk next door it's already to go. I don't have to wonder if my insurance will cover it, there are no co pays. I pick it up and thats it. Ok now from there I cross back over on to the side of Aldi and round the corner and thats the second part of my shopping. Where the two ladies are standing is where my butcher is. Next to that is the DA(pronounced Day-AH) and thats where I can mail items off at the postal part or pick up hair care products or pharmacy type things.

As you can see the netherlands does not believe in having a one stop shopping store. I can not tell you how much I miss the super Wal-Marts and Targets. I sometimes have to go to 3 or more stores to get everything I need! Oh the other thing is the close up of our shopping carts. We have to put money in them when we want to use them. You can can stick in coin money or most stores give you a metal coin to just stick in there and you keep it on your key chain. I prefer it that way because it can get pretty annoying to always keep the right coin in your purse to shop. Lastly you see a picture of the road we take to drive back home. There are sooooo many townhouses and apartments here. I hope you enjoyed running errands with me! See you next sunday!
Unknown Mami