Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dutch New Year

I'm taking a week off from posting any recipes. I am slightly burned out from all the baking and cooking I have done for the last month. Right now Im using stand by meals that we all love and doesn't take a whole lot of effort from me. After this week I will be back to posting again as usual. I have a ton of new recipes I want to try and post about! One thing I thought I would share about is the Dutch New Year..My gosh is it different. This is the only time of year the dutch are allowed to set off fireworks. At first I compaired it to our 4th of July but wow they go waaaaay over the top on their fire works. Im talking hundreds and even thousands of dollars are being spent on this stuff. You can not even compair the fireworks. These are your seriously loud bang fireworks,bottle rockets, and you know those big ones you see on tv? I get those going off right outside my window.

It's a full blown lock down on New Years Eve. We tape our mail slot shut,close all windows, lock the doors, and bunker down until it's over. The first two years my nerves were shot from all the loud bangs. Im not kidding when I say that it sounds like a war going on outside your window. You aren't officially allowed to even set them off right now but everyone has left overs from last year and you start hearing it in december. They also travel into Germany and buy the ones that are illegal here; the big booming ones you see on tv, and they buy the flare type guns and shoot those off. Now lets get down to the basics.

These are called Oliebollen..wich translates into Oily Balls..niiice..lol Everyone eats these by the bucket load...everyone but me..lol I can not stand them. They are sort of like a doughnut but not really. You drop the batter wich always has atleast currants and sliced apples into a deep fryer and cook until they are done. You can also sprinkle them with powdered sugar when they are done. I'm not a fan of these because there is no taste what so ever. No vanilla,cinnamon..nada. They sell these in big stands all over so incase you don't want to make your own you can still buy them.

Here we have this years firworks. This is my oldest sons lot. In the mail you get order forms from all different stores and you can go through and decide who has the best deal and order from them. This is a really big deal. My husband talks about how he would spend days figuring out who to buy from and writing down and then re writing everything he wanted. People spend thousands of dollars are huge fireworks. The boys saved up their allowance and we go ahead and let them get what they want..within reason. I had looong talks with my oldest son over safety issues and what not to do. There is no touching of the illegal fireworks, no shooting off of any flare guns, no holding onto firecrackers..the list went on and on. I was so scared the first time he went out with his friends to light some. There is always atleast one story of either a child or an adult who lost fingers,hands and eyes. This can happen back home of course, but gosh we bought the chicken who pooped out fire balls when you set the butt on fire.

Here is a video I took a few years ago of some of the big ones they set off right by us. I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year! For some reason the darn video won't always play right away. So if that happens try refreshing.