Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dutch Christmas Tree

When I moved to the netherlands my tradition of getting the christmas tree on my birthday kind of went away.I was really sad because that was one of the things that I loved about my birthday. However over where I live they don't sell them until after Dec 5. So over to Germany we went! I know in other towns they sold them earlier but I still had problems finding them around the first.

However this year my husband and I took a drive into Germany and around back to the netherlands in search of someone who was selling them on the 1st. We found a place in the netherlands! I was so excited. I jumped out of the car and gave the guy a big smile. They can always tell right away Im not dutch. I'm to happy and smile way to much to be anything other than an american..lol I was excited because this guy not only sells a few days before the dec 1st but he also sold the trees I am used to. I've been buying the huge charlie brown christmas trees that hold maybe 6 ornaments. Last year we had a 6 and a half footer and drooped when you stuck an ormanent on there. Thats all they have here!! I happily paid 25 euros for this one! The branches are firm and holds every single ornament I have..Whoo Hoo!

So on my birthday I was able to decorate the tree with christmas music in the background and all of us taking out our favorite personalised ones we brought over from the U.S. Im posting a picture of one of my favorites. Edwin and I bought it on our honeymoon. There was a store back home that sold ornaments all year long and you could get them personalised aswell. I wish they did that over here but they don't. I had a huge collection of the hallmark ornaments aswell..but sadly had to leave those behind. I'm having fun building up my collection again and I've even started swapping ornaments with people from around the world. If anyone else posts their tree please come and tell me. I would love to see yours!!