Friday, December 4, 2009

A box filled with love! is mine and my husbands 5th anniversary! I suppose 5 years isn't all that long but I'm telling you we have been through so many ups and downs over these 5 years that it makes my head spin sometimes. My husband first gave up his entire life to join me in the U.S. and start a new life there and then I returned the favor by giving up mine to start over here. I have no regrets and look forward to what the next 5 years will bring us! He's my best friend and my heart still skips a beat when I hear the car pull in the garage after his day at work. I'm so very lucky.

My birthday and anniversary brought two large boxes from home. My Dad and step Mom who clearly love me beyond words took the time to send me goodies from home!! I had no idea they were sending me so many wonderul things. I got two thick Taste of Home cookbooks plus 8 taste of home magazines,chocolate chips,white chips,peanut butter chips,butterscotch chips,puddings, seasoning packets,seasoning salt,lemon pepper salt and some Shake n Bake..whoo hoo! I was dancing around the room with such excitement. I am really blessed to have a Dad and step Mom that love me so much that they put their own needs aside to send me a box filled with love and a taste from home. I love you both very much. Now..let the baking begin!!!