Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sundays In My City....

Hello Everyone! Can you believe how far into November we are? I have christmas on the brain these days.

That brings me to this weeks theme.."Sinterklaas" This is the dutch version of Santa Claus. Infact Santa is based on Sinterklaas. I highly encourage you to read THIS and it explains everything you need to know about this wonderful guy. Every year around this time, Sinterklaas enters the country by steam boat and it's basically a countdown to the night of Dec 5 when he brings presents. The zwarte piet (Black Piet) is his helper. In the U.S. the legend is all bad kids get put on the "Naughty" list..over here the zwarte piets will whip you with a roe wich is a bunch of branches that are tied together. When Sinterklaas comes into the country everyone gathers to the water and awaits his arrival. In almost everytown there is a Sinterklaas entering there and for us it's right down the street. When he comes the zwarte piets start handing out candy to all the kids.

The children start screaming with joy and waving their hands. When he gets off the boat he is supposed to ride his horse Americo into the town where he is welcomed by the mayor. However the poor Sint would be toppled over from all the kids so he boarded a bus instead.

On another note..Sinterklaas has nothing to do with Dec 25 like we associate Santa with that day...the gift giving and Dec 25 have two different meanings wich is why they have their present day on the 5th of december. We allow the boys a few presents to open so they don't feel left out but we still hold to the Dec 25th as our day to open gifts.
Thanks again to Unknow Mami for allowing me and others to share whats going in our city every sunday. Head over there and visit other people. See you next sunday! Unknown Mami