Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fun Mail

I have a facebook page with mostly expats who live here. There are lots of americans,canadians,british, and many other expats all scattered throughout this country. I love chatting with them on facebook because if I can't find something or have a question or just want to vent they are always there with a helpful suggestion or a shoulder to lean on. Recently one of them posted that she was going to an american/british store and wanted to know if any of us needed anything. I jumped on it and asked for canned pumpkin! This is an almost 10 american dollar can of pumpkin but I am so grateful to have it. I can now make something with it for ThanksGiving!! I went to one american food store in Amsterdam and they were selling Betty Crocker cake mixes for 12 american dollars..crazy isn't it.. I didn't buy it because I can make my own cake mixes but the prices shocked me.

Another woman said she had a grown a bunch of Jalapenos and wanted to know if any of us wanted some leftovers. Well I sure did! Edwin and I really liked the Jalapeno Poppers from back home. So I got both packages today. The great thing about living in the netherlands is that mail thats been mailed within the country reaches the person the next day. So tomorrow come back for a popper recipe!