Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sundays In My City....

Hi Everyone. It's time for Sunday's in My City,hosted by Unknown Mami....make sure you make your way over there to check out her city aswell as everyone else's. This weeks theme is "Mental Vacation". Thats where I've needed to be. This week was fall vacation for my two sons and we've been plagued with bad weather and now colds. Sometimes you need to take a break and go on a mental vacation. I'm taking you to Romo,Denmark. We spent a week there and I sure could use another week there right about now. I have so many photos from this trip and it was hard to pick just a few.

The first one is of our vacation home...don't you just love the roof? thats my dream home by the way. I find these in the netherlands aswell as Germany and I'm pushing for this kind of home when we buy in the next few years. It came with a pool,sauna,hot tub and tanning bed.

The 2nd photo was a typical house we saw in Romo. It seriously felt like you took a step back in time. The island is just amazing.

The 3rd is an old bunker. While taking a nature walk we stumbled upon this. You could actually walk in and there was an eery feeling to it all. You could still see the bullet holes in the walls.

The 4th one is a fishing spot we spent some time at. The sky was so bright and blue..I loved it. The last one is of the beach. I have never seen such a long and wide sand area. We could drive the cars out on there because the water was atleast 2 miles out. It was so flat with more seashells than I have ever seen in my life. I found a sand dollar that fit on top of my pinky nail. We had such an amazing time there. I hope everyone has a wonderful sunday..mine is spent taking care of the kids and wishing we were all in a sunny place in perfect health. See you next sunday!
Unknown Mami