Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sundays In My City....

Wow it's sunday again! There is nothing better than peaking into everyone's world. Thanks to Unknown Mami we can do this every sunday. Head over there and peek into more great lives. This week's theme is "Home". I'm taking you back to mine. Before moving to The Netherlands I had a whole other life in Oregon. I'm showing you some of my favorite things. The first two photos are of our house back there. We had a country home on 20 acres. Our local neighbors were the deer,raccoon and coyote! We had a wrap around porch and a beautiful view to go along with it. The other photos are of the Oregon Coast, where I loved to be! I really miss it there because there is nothing like it over here. At a certain point you could walk out onto a worf and see these seals. They were soooo loud! They would sun themselves all day on planks and fight to get the perfect spot.

I miss home around this time. The holidays are coming and I always wonder what everyone is up to and I think back to all my fond memories I have while I work on making new ones in my new home country. I hope you enjoyed viewing a bit of my life back in the states. I will see you all next sunday! Unknown Mami