Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sundays In My City....

It's Sunday and you know what that means! yes thats right folks, it's Sunday's In My City hosted by Unknown Mami. After getting your daily dose of my weird life, head on over there and check out everyone's else world:) This weeks post is about things that sound the same, things that are said wrong and how I keep my house warm and how I get my

Ok first up we have Gouda cheese..did you know there is an actual town called Gouda where it comes from? Ok here is the kicker..We as in americans call it G00-Duh but did you know it's actually pronounced How-Duh? I bet alot of you didn't. I didn't..not until I said it to my husband and he about died laughing. He still won't let me forget that. However I have my own little thing I like to bring up. It goes like this: One day Edwin and I are driving down an american freeway when he tells me" I just saw a sign asking us to check our Speed-Oh-Meters." I was like what in the heck is a speed-oh-meter and why haven't I heard of this before and where would I go about looking for it. I was silent for about 30 seconds until I kept saying it over and over in my head and then it hit me..and I laughed..and then laughed some more. I thought it was so funny I called all my family and told them the same story. What he ment to say was Speedometer but pronounced it like how it looked:Speed-oh-Meter! I just love him. So go about your life my friends and correct everyone you's How-Duh!!!!

Ok on to the bag of chips. Well you see those two things? they are called the same here:Paprikas. I could seriously spend weeks telling you all of the funny conversations Edwin and I have over mispronounced items and things that are called the same but we both never knew it. He would tell me how he liked Paprika chips but not Paprikas. I was on earth can you not like a spice that our moms put on deviled eggs? it barely has a flavor! He kept saying that he didn't like them raw and I finally asked for him to show me a picture of a Paprika. Oohh..he ment a Bell Pepper! So yep these things are called the same. You have the Paprika spice that is used on these chips and then you have the Paprikas that we know as Bell Peppers...Moving on..

This is how we heat our homes here. There is no central heating..not that I have seen anyway. You get these really neat type heaters. I wasn't to sure about these at first but I compaired them to baseboard heating wich you should never do. When you turn the heat on you can hear the water running into the pipes and that water warms up wich produces the heat! It's so cool. I always put my wet towels on there and they dry them quickly after taking a shower. There is no fear of things catching on fire because it's water. You have them in everyroom..So this one is in my kitchen, I have two really long ones in my living room,one in the foyer,one in each of the bedrooms, and one in the upstairs bathroom! I never turn the kitchen,foyer,or bathroom ones on because it isnt necessary. I've had some people ask me about the burning your hand factor and kids. Well it does get hot, you teach your kid not to touch it, never seen a dutch child with burned hands and you can buy neat looking covers to go over them if you want it.

My mail! This is my mail slot. There are no mailboxes here. Infact the whole mailsystem is really different. It isnt a high paid job here and the whole privacy thing isn't high on the list either. When I get packages delivered to me it's either from a guy with a lit cigarette hanging out of his mouth or some little kid. They take these kids with them,drop them off with a box and go and deliver another one and then come back and get them. My package guy loves to chat with me about what I get. You have to fill out a green customes sticker when mailing overseas and one time my mom put on there that it had socks in there and he laughed at me and asked if I didnt like the dutch socks. When I want to mail something I have to either take my letters to the postoffice or find these reddish orange mail boxes. They have them in all neighborhoods,stores and various other places throughout the city. It's can be a pain sometimes but what can you do?

Well I really hope you enjoyed reading more about my life here and I look forward to posting next sunday! Unknown Mami