Monday, October 26, 2009

Orange Rind Votives!!

Looking for a neat holiday rind votives just might be it! I couldn't believe how easy and super cute it was after I made it. I first saw the idea on a friends facebook page but if you want step by step photo directions then head over to THIS website and they will give it to you.

Orange Rind Votives
Tea light candles

Split the orange in half. Take a knife and run it around the edge. You basically want to gut it almost like a pumpkin. I noticed as soon as I could grab onto the white part that was stuck to the orange it peeled away really easy. When you finish with the top you can use a cookie cutter and cut out a design. I put the cookie cutter on the inside and pushed really hard to make it come out the other side. Make sure to wash off the orange and make sure there aren't any orange pieces left; Dry off. Stick a tea light in,place the top on and enjoy! You can also make a design with cloves or leave it alone. I can't honestly tell you how long these would last but they are super fun to show off anyway. ** This would look really neat with maybe 4 or 5 on a table surrounded by branches and maybe some pinecones. I plan to try that out myself**