Monday, October 12, 2009

Butterhorn Challenge

**Please click on photo to make it larger** Hi,My name is Sonya and I used to be afraid of yeast. I still have loads and loads AND loads to learn..but I'm not afraid to get in there and give it a try. I spent years bypassing all recipes that contained yeast because everytime I did try, it always failed for one reason or another. I didn't understand the reasons and never got it when someone would say that you have to get a feeling for when there is enough flour in the dough and not to add more in. Seriously I don't have a feel for it and you can tell by my photos. I wanted to make sure to post Before and After photos of me failing the first time and then asking Coleen for more help. I know alot of us have gone through what I did so I'm hoping someone else will give this a try knowing it can work!

I wasn't going to give it a go again until Coleen and Katy set a challenge for us yeast virgins. Coleen posted a recipe for No-Knead Butterhorns that she got from Menonite Girls Can Cook. I posted that I was going to give it a shot. Coleen even sent me an e-mail saying if I needed any help to just nice was that! So I made them..and they failed. They were as flat as pancakes. The taste was there but they were flat. Coleen asked me to send a photo of it and she knew right away that I needed to add in more flour. It honestly never occured to me that I needed to add anything extra. So I sent back an e-mail and told her I wasnt giving it another go right away..and I did. By adding in 1/2 more flour..well it was night and day. The dough was still soft but more firm,it rose better and they were soooo soft when we ate them! I skipped around the house and stuffed everyones face with butterhorns. You will see in my last photo that there isn't much frosting on there. Well I ran out of powdered sugar and I live in a country that shuts it's stores down on saturday evening and doesn't re-open until monday. So I had to make due.

I am so so happy and I have Coleen to thank you for this. She got back to me right away with my e-mails and I didn't feel like I was on my own. It's my goal to make rolls for Thanksgiving and cinnamon rolls for christmas morning..It would make me so happy to surprise my 3 guys with those. I'm not going to post the recipe here because Coleen does a step by step photo in her directions and it's much needed for us newbies. So if you are like me, a little weary of yeast then head over there and take on the challenge of butterhorns and then head over to Katy's blog and take that challenge aswell!