Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sundays In My City....

I'm loving this sundays in my city thats being hosted by Unknown Mami. Head over there and go peek into her world aswell as everyone else's that has signed up. Today I'm showing the two things Im currently obsessed with: Dutch Windmills and mushrooms! weird combo? maybe, but they are so amazing to look at. The windmill Im showing you is one that if you show up on certain days of the week you can buy flour thats been ground inside there. I never ever get tired of looking and taking photos of all the windmills I come across..and I come across alot living here.

Believe it or not the 3 photos are of real mushrooms that I have spotted here. My favorite is the red mushroom with white spots on there..I call it the fairytale mushroom. The orange one was actually growing in my inlaws backyard! I thought it was a piece of coral they put out there at first. The last one looks almost like the bottom of a horses foot. I again have left them all large so please click on them to see all the detail! Thanks for stopping by!
Unknown Mami