Monday, September 28, 2009

Homemade Egg Foo Yung

Back home we ate chinese food atleast once a month. The owner knew my order by heart: Szechuan beef,Lemon chicken,Chicken fried rice and vegetable Egg foo yung. She would giggle after taking my order and then chat away to me. I had to pay attention really hard because I couldn't always understand her with her thick accent and she would talk to me while doing other things throughout the resturant. I would watch her while she would walk around the small resturant and I can still hear the shuffle sound of her feet. She was a small woman but man could she make alot of noise when walking. She would hand me my order and tell me she would see me next month. I really miss that resturant and her smiling face.

My husband fell in love with the chinese food and warned me that when we moved here the chinese food would be really different. Boy was he right. I ate it once when we first moved here 2 years ago and I haven't eaten it since. I was so let down I almost cried. The only thing I will eat from here now are the Loempias and those my friends are huge..they are like stuffed burritos on steroids. I find myself craving certain things that I can't get back home. Right now I have Triscuits and Wheat Thins stuck in my head. I always have chinese food on the brain. So I finally sat down and went searching. We all loved egg foo yung and figured that was the easiest thing to tackle at this point. I wish I could say that I walked away with a life long recipe but sadly I did not. This recipe has some serious potential and I think the more I tweak with it the more I will be happy with it. It doesnt taste like anything I've ever eaten and the sauce is no where near what I loved from my place but I guess you have to start somewhere right? I found the sauce to be to salty and not thick enough for my liking so thats something I will work on next time. Overall not to shabby with some minor tweaks.

Egg Foo Yung.. Blog Chef
6 Eggs
1 cup Bean Sprouts
1/4 cup Green Onion;Minced
1/4 cup Bamboo Shoots; Minced
4 Water Chestnuts; Minced
1/4 cup Slivered Ham
1 tsp. Soy Sauce

1 cup Chicken Broth
1 TBL. Soy Sauce
2 tsp. Sugar
2 tsp. Vinegar
1 TBL. Cornstarch
2 TBL. Water

To make the Egg Foo Yung place everything into a bowl and mix together. Heat skillet with a small amount of oil or cooking spray and add about 1/3 cup of egg mixture. Cook either as would a pancake ( once lightly browned on one side flip and brown the other) OR fold as you would an omelet for a slightly thicker version. Repeat until egg mixture is gone.

To make the sauce- Add chicken broth,soy sauce, vinegar, and sugar to a saucepan. Bring sauce to a boil. Meanwhile combine cornstarch in water in a small bowl. When sauce starts boiling,stir in cornstarch mixture. Cook,stirring until is thickening and boiling.