Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Food Exchange

You are probably looking at this photo of goodies and thinking whats the big deal? Well I will tell you what the big deal is..I just received it in the mail today! Blogging has opened up my world. I'm chatting with people I would never normally meet in everyday life and I'm so loving this. Take for instance this package I got today. It comes from another blogger. Kristen over at iCook sent it to me. This is actually my second box from her but I got way to excited the first time around and forgot to take pictures. I made a few comments on her blog and she followed me over to mine and one day after she read that I had to go to germany to buy chocolate chips(wich Im doing tomorrrow by the way) she left a message saying she would swap with me if I wanted. Seriously!? I was so excited. So this is how it goes. She sends me items I can't get here or pay way to much for and in return I send her dutch goodies that she otherwise would never beable to try.

I can buy Chili powder here but it's soo different..like mouth burning hot. The vanilla here is doable but weird. It's clear and the scent is candy like. The marinades are also something I can't buy here. The dutch bbq in a totally different way then we are used to and I find myself scrambling. I dont mind making things from scratch but sometimes you just want to rip open the box/envelope and make the meal already. They don't sell Ranch dressing here and although I now use This recipe,it's always nice to have the other version too. Orange slices are a total childhood thing for me and I actually forgot I put that on my list. All 4 of us happliy munched away on these tonight. I'm still getting used to the yeast packets here and still prefer the ones from home. I'm already planning her next box and I know she's going to love it. Food exchange swaps totally rock:)