Monday, August 3, 2009

Giveaway/Paying it Forward

Awhile ago I won a pay it forward giveaway. When winning you need to offer the same on your blog. So I am. Here is how it works. I am going to offer 2 people a mystery box full of dutch goodies. I will mail these off by the end of the year. It's not cheap to mail overseas so by giving myself some space in between should work out just fine. In the box I will include items to bake with,such as our amazingly famous dutch cocoa. There is nothing else like it. I will also include general snacks to try. It's always fun doing things like this because chances of vising other countries just isnt in the cards for alot of us... So this is my way of letting you visit my new country.

Now before you decided to sign up for this you need to know that you also need to now offer this on your blog. It's a pay it forward thing. I send you something and in return you do something on your blog. It doesnt have to be alot,it can be anything you want, but make someone else's day aswell. So if you are up for this leave a comment and an e-mail for me to reach you. I will take the first 2 to sign up. I don't care where you live, Im so very happy to send you goodies. So think about it and hopefully I get two very excited people:)