Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Shephard Inspired Pie

I highly doubt this comes close to what a real Shephard's Pie is all about but never the less, it tastes great! Growing up I had a similar version but we called it tater tot casserole and it used cream of mushroom soup. There is no cream of anything in here..not that Im a snob when it comes to that. I think casseroles as a whole get a bad rap. I have always loved them and will continue to make them for my family. This is a really versatile recipe. You can add whatever type of veggies you and your family like.

Shephards Pie
1 1/2 lbs. Ground Beef
4 medium sized Potatoes; chopped
Small Onion;Chopped finely;optional
1-2 cups canned veggies;corn,peas and carrots,cream corn,green beans..etc
2 cups Cheese;Grated
Seasonings of your choice

Gravy Mix
2 TBSP. Flour
2 TBSP. Butter
1 cup Beef Broth
2 TBSP. Worcestershire Sauce

Preheat oven to 400 or 200 celcius. Grease casserole dish and set aside. Place your chopped potatoes in water and boil them until done. Cook your beef and onion;drain and add in your choice of mixed veggies.
To make the gravy combine the 2 tablespoons of butter;once melted add in flour;whisk until combined. Add in remaining ingredients and bring to boil;whisking until gravy has become thick. Add to beef mixture;reduce heat and simmer for 5 mins. Mash your potatoes adding in enough butter,milk and seasonings to your liking. Add in one cup of cheese and stir until combined. Spread beef mixture in bottom of casserole dish and sprinkle with remaining 1 cup of cheese. Spread mashed potatoes over mixture and sprinkle Paprika all over top. Bake for 30mins and serve with warm rolls.

** Another way to make this is layering part of the mashed potatoes on the bottom of the casserole dish,then the beef mixture and topping with the remaining mashed potatoes. I did it with this one but it's equally as good with all potatoes on top.**