Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Roasted Potato Fans

The dutch love their potatoes..I mean really love their potatoes.It's not unusual to see potatoes served at almost every single meal here. However being that Im not dutch, I can only take so many potatoes at any given time. I do love them but I need variety in the way they are cooked aswell. So enter potato fans. These don't come with a recipe..it's more of an idea. You slice them,slather each slice with melted butter,seasonings and cheese. It's a fancy baked potato in my opinion and we really like them. Feel free to change up seasonings and cheeses!
Potato Fans
Potatoes;washed and free of blemishes
Seasonings of choice;pepper,italian,garlic powder,onion powder

Pre heat oven to 400 degrees or 200 celcius. Take a sharp knife and if you have them two wooden spoons. Place the potato between the two wooden spoons and using the handles as your stopping point,slice down..NEVER cutting all the way through..that would give you slices and not the fan look. Your goal is to make slices all the way across and I use the wooden handles as the guide as to when to stop slicing. Sometimes you have to free hand it aswell but it's easy once you get a few done. Mix your seasonings in with your melted butter and carefully spread the slices open and add the melted butter. Reserve some of the melted butter to baste later on. Place in glass pan and roast until done. The last 10-15 mins cover with remaining butter and sprinkle with cheese. Cook until melted.