Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Chef Salad

Our family loves salad. I've been very lucky with my two sons when it comes to eating their veggies and actually liking them. My oldest son tries just about everything and there isn't a whole lot he doesn't like. My youngest has the texture thing going on so although he eats salad he tells me he feels like a cow after Chef salad is easy to make and I always have everything on hand when we feel like eating it. I rely on lunch meats for this one. The amount of ingredients you use is up to you
Chef Salad
1-2 heads of ice burg lettuce
4-6 hard Boiled Eggs;Chopped
Ham;sliced or can use leftovers or deli style
Chicken;sliced or chopped..leftovers or deli style
Tomatoes;seeded and chopped
Cucumbers;sliced or chopped
Shredded Cheese
Salad Dressing
Tear of chunks of salad;tear apart and divide between 4 plates or lare bowls. Divide remaining ingredients between all 4 plates. Top with shredded cheese and choice of dressing.