Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Creamy Mushroom Sauce

I love white sauce. I know the red is more healthier for you but I have never liked tomato based sauces. I think it has to do with acidity of it and well I just like tomatoes cold and not all squished up and hot. I have the same thing with peaches,cherries and apples. I hate them when they are cooked. Wow I really got off track there. So getting back to this super simple white sauce. I wanted something to go over chicken breasts. I had a bunch of mushrooms that needed to be used and I had a cup and a half of creme fraiche. So really there is no real recipe to this.I cooked the chicken breasts with a little bit of olive oil and then when they were done I put them on a plate and covered it with foil. I then sauteed the mushrooms in the same pan with some butter,added the creme fraiche,onion powder,seasoning salt and pepper. I cooked it on low until it heated up and then poured it over the chicken breasts. It was a huge hit. It's not something I will make all the time due to the fact that creme fraiche has alot of calories in it but for a special occasion this really works. I think it would go great over pork aswell. You could also cut up the chicken,add it to the sauce and then serve it over some white rice.