Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Baby Cukes

Growing up we had a garden. There was corn,peas,carrots,squash and some other things. This was when I was fairly young so I never really paid attention to the ins and outs of it. I decided that this year I was going to try it myself. It's my way of fighting back against the rise in fruits and vegetables here. I compair living in the netherlands to living in New York. It's costly,cramped, and you make due with what tiny space you have in the backyard..if you are lucky to have a backyard. I have a rather largish concrete space with a small amount of dirt running along the side of the fence line. I also have a square patch where I actually grew pumpkins last year. This time I decided to try a container garden since that was the only way to actually grow several things. I planted cucumbers,egg plant,bell peppers and cherry tomatoes. As you can see my cucumbers are coming up! I am so excited about this. I am really hoping my egg plant comes up aswell. This is what started my desire to start a container garden. In the store they are in american dollars about 2.35. They are super small,as in palm size. It's my hope to freeze both the bell peppers and eggplant to use threwout the year since after summer they will jack the price up again. Is anyone else gardening this year??