Monday, May 25, 2009

Jello Popsicles

Plain and simple: Homemade popsicles rock. I love the flavor combinations you can come up with when making your own. Last night before going to bed I decided to see if I could make jello popsicles. I'm sure this isnt a new venture but it was for me. I'm here to tell you peeps that yes you can infact freeze jello!!! and it wasn't half bad. My husband mentioned that it tasted slightly watered down to him but still had the jello flavor to it. The neat thing is that it doesn't freeze rock hard. It's hard but you are still able to bite into it. I wasnt sure if it was going to have some weird wobbly texture going on but it didn't. I'm going to try it again with another flavor other than orange. I don't like orange jello for some reason.
Basically there is no recipe for this. You simply make the jello following the box instructions. I let it cool down for a few minutes and then poured it into my molds. I let it freeze overnight and it was perfect the next morning. I plan to make alot of popsicles this summer. We also have a juicer that we got for christmas and Im going to juice a bunch of different fruits and vegetables to see how that goes.