Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bell Pepper Appetizers

I hated bell peppers growing up. Infact I refused to eat them until last summer. I ate some on grilled skewers and never looked back. I still don't like them raw though and my favorite way is to layer them on skewers and then grill them until they are nice and crisp with a hint of burnt skin on them..yum yum. Here is a super simple appetizer made with bell peppers,mozzarella cheese and in my case sauteed mushrooms but I would have put minced olives on there if it weren't for my olive hating husband.

When you make these your oven will do a superb job of cooking them on the broil setting. My oven on the other hand refuses to even function on that setting.It really irks me since I can never get a good crisp coating on things. I have even tried sticking the temp on the highest it will go and still it never feels like it's hot enough. Oh well, whenever we move into our new house I get to choose my own oven and I can not wait!
Bell Pepper Appetizers
1-2 Bell peppers;seeded and sliced into chunks
Mozzarella cheese; grated or sliced
Mushrooms;minced and sauteed
Olives:minced and optional
Red Pepper flakes;Optional
Place oven on broil setting. Put bell pepper chunks onto parchment paper lined cookie sheet. Sprinkle with mozzarella cheese,minced olives or mushrooms or a combo of each and then add red pepper flakes to desired taste. Place in oven and broil until crisp tender and cheese has melted. I also left the flakes off of some of the bell peppers and just seasoned with salt when I took them out. You could use any number of seasonings on this.