Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sweet Rolls

So Im all excited about making cinnamon rolls. I've decided that Im going to use my favorite biscuit dough in as many different recipes as I can. This was the perfect one to start with. I looked up the basics of it and went to work. I pulled them out,poured a simple glaze on top,took a pic and started to eat one. I sat there thinking wow these are so great but it wasnt what I thought. Well after we all got done trying one it dawned on me. What is the most important ingredient in a cinnamon roll recipe? yep that would be cinnamon and guess what I didn't bother to put in! These were sweet rolls,not cinnamon. I have to say though that these are aswesome and I plan to actually make them again this week with the actual cinnamon in there but I will also continue to make these sweet rolls aswell. I dont have a recipe for these. Basically I took my dough recipe,rolled it out,covered it with butter,brown sugar and some white sugar. I rolled it up tightly and cut 11 rolls. I put it in a 8 inch pan greased with butter and baked it on 400 degrees or 200 celcius until it was golden brown. In a bowl I combined powdered sugar,milk and some vanilla flavoring and made a think icing for it and poured it over the top of the rolls when they came out of the oven. Easy Peasy.