Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Painted Cookies

I whipped up some painted flower cookies in celebration of the wonderful weather we are having. Seriously if you live in the netherlands then you'll understand my need to mark this occasion with something special.
Once again I turned to my favorite sugar cookie recipe to make these. I also decided to give it a shot at painting them before they were baked. I know there are alot of new products out there that can give you a more professional look but thats not what I'm going for here. I prefer old fashioned in alot of ways. So to achieve this all you need is some 2 egg yolks,1 tsp.water and food coloring. Whip the yolks up a bit,divide into several bowls,tint with coloring and apply with paintbrush.

I wasnt sure how the cookies were going to turn out. I bought this pan that is bigger than a mini muffin pan but smaller than the regular cupcake tins. It came with a a flower shape and I knew this would be a perfect thing to try. The middle puffed up wich wasnt what I had expected but I guess it makes sense since you can fill the middles up with something. The first batch I didn't bother to paint the middle but when I saw that it puffed up I painted everything then. You could get really creative with these though..maybe fill the middle with some colored whipping cream or hollow the middle out and add a small amount of pudding. This was alot of fun and I plan to paint more cookies at some point.