Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Homemade BBQ Sauce

There is something seriously lacking in Europe and it's decent bbq sauce. I have boughten so many different bottles in the netherlands aswell as Germany and every single one of them was beyond foul. The sauce isnt even close to what I am used to..not even in the same ballpark. Germany has the Heinz products but even those are horrible. It made me remember back when my husband spotted his favorite beer they make here in an american store. When he took his first sip he got the most awful look on his face. Although it was made right here in the netherlands they altered the alcohol level and overall taste to suit the american taste. It's the same with the Heinz products. I love the american version and hate the european. Like always, I set out to look up homemade versions of it online. I used a recipe that just happend to have everything I needed and tweaked it to suit our taste. I almost didn't like this at first but when it sat for awhile the flavors blended really nicely and now I love it. I'm going to keep hunting though for the perfect one. I plan to do a ton of grilling this summer and need a perfect sauce to go along with it.
Basic Homemade BBQ Sauce
1 cup Ketchup
1 TBLSPN Mustard
3 TBLSPN Worcestershire Sauce
2 TBLSPN Vinegar
1 TBLSPN Lemon Juice
3 TBLSPN Brown Sugar
Black Pepper to taste
Honey to taste..I used about 2 globs of it
Liquid Smoke to taste..I used 1 tablespoon
I put everything in a bowl and quickly mixed it up. I then poured it into a a medium sauce pan and slowly brought it to a boil. I let is simmer for about 5 mins and it became very silky and thick. I cooled it down and poured it into a plastic container. Later that night I made dipped chicken strips and spooned some of the sauce over the top. Everyone loved it.