Monday, January 5, 2009

Thumbprint Cookies

It was snowing yesterday and snow equals cookie baking in my house. I have never made thumbprint cookies and thought it was time that I gave it a shot. The recipe makes a very soft cookie that has a nice delicate flavor. When I first took them out and sampled them I was ready to throw them out. I decided right away that I did not like warm jelly and wouldn't make them again. I'm glad I didn't though because when I tried them again this morning I really really enjoyed the cookie. The jelly has formed into a nice chewy texture wich I liked very much. If you dont want the chewy texture then do not add the jelly until after the cookie comes out of the oven.
I'm going to be moving away from cooies for awhile now. I think we are stocked full at the moment. I went to a local store the other day and picked up mini bundt and loaf pans so I will be playing with those. I also went out today and bought a nice soup kettle and I see myself making a nice thick chicken and dumplings in the next few days.
Thumbprint Cookies..3 doz
1 1/2 cups Flour
1/2 cup Ground Almonds or Walnuts
1/2 tsp. Baking Powder
1/4 tsp. Salt
1/2 tsp. Cinnamon
3/4 cup Butter,softened
3/4 cup Sugar
2 Egg Yolks
1 tsp. Vanilla
1 tsp. Almond
Preheat oven to 300 or 150 celcius. Combine flour,ground almonds or walnuts,baking powder, salt and cinnamon; whisk together and set aside. Combine butter,sugar,egg yolks and flavorings;creaming together until light and fluffly. Add to flour mixture and stir with wooden spoon until combined. Shape into one inch balls and place 2 inches apart. Using your thumb or index finger make a slight dent in middle. If you want a chewy jelly texture,add it now or wait until the cookies come out and add about 1/2 tsp to each one. Bake 20mins or until set and very lightly browned.