Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I love popcorn! I ate it alot when I was back home. I had an airpopper but 99% of the time I used the microwave bags. When I moved to the netherlands a year ago I went looking for popcorn. They sell it here in boxes of 3 and the price is not very desirable. They also only have two flavors: Salt and Sweet. I tried the sweet first and didnt like it at all. It was popcorn and sugar and had no taste at all. I tried the salt next and stuck with that one. I have to admit that I never had plain popcorn with just salt. I always had it with butter but now that I've had this way I wont go back. I hated only getting 3 bags so I set out to find the kernels and the airpopper. Well I found nothing,not one shred of evidence that it even exsisted here. I found a popper finally after being here almost a year. I didn't buy it because I could never find kernels. Well a friend spotted some in Germany and since we are only 10mins from the border we popped over and checked out the store for ourselves. They had small bags of kernels:) I bought two and looked up how to make it online. If you have never made it on the stove,you really need to! The popcorn comes out big and fluffy and the taste is great! All you do is take a large pot fill the bottom with enough oil to just cover the bottom,add enough kernels to sprinkle the bottom( I used 3/4 cup). Let the oil get really hot,pour the kernels in and cover it. They will start popping right away. At this point I turn the heat way down and start shaking the pan back and forth to keep it from burning. The whole process only takes about a minute and you are done. I sprinkle it with salt and stinky cheese(parmesan cheese ). Don't give up if you burn the first batch..I burned the first two until I figured out the oil ratio and turning the heat down.