Sunday, August 17, 2008

Snicker Peanutbutter Muffins

I've been reading one of Nigella Lawson's cookbooks called " How To Be A Domestic Goddess". I mean honestly, who doesn't want to be one of those? LOL I have to say though that if I could go back and pick something else...I would have. Im not impressed at all with this cookbook and although I love watching her on TV, this book just doesn't cut it for me. I think I will at some point purchase another one and see if I like it more. I dont like this one because the recipes don't really grab me. She had a christmas section and that really let me down. Im not a fan of fruitcakes..if you bake a fruitcake or purchase one for someone in the U.S. they will automatically know that you don't like them. They are just horrid in every way conceivable. Im not opposed to trying new foods but you will not ever beable to convince me that fruitcake is worthy of anything other than burning in a giant bon fire.

On to these muffins. I found a few recipes that I did want to try and this being one of them. The thought of Snickers and peanubutter together is just to yummie for words. I have a few issues with the recipe. It asks that you put the dough into paper liners and I wouldn't do it. I would also chop the snickers up and leave them out. I would add a part of the mixture,place a few snickers in there and top it with more of the mixture. The reason being is that the snickers stuck horribly to the paper and that was after letting it cool. The snickers needs to be contained inside the muffin somehow..maybe it wouldn't be such an issue if you spray the tins instead and not used the paper cups. The cooking time is between 20-25 mins. I left mine in for that time and the first batch was way to dark. I left the second one in for 13 mins and it was perfect. I also got 15 muffins instead of 12..I dont know why but thats what I ended up with. Over all it's a great snack for the kiddos and maybe I will make it again at some point and try my other methods out.
Snicker Peanutbutter Muffins
Preheat oven to 400 or 200 celcius
1 2/3 cup Flour
1 1/2 TBLSPNS Baking Powder
Pinch of Salt
6 TBLSPNS chunky or creamy PeanutButter
1/4 cup unsalted Butter,melted..I used regular butter and it was fine
1 large Egg,beaten
3/4 cup Milk
3 1/2 regular sized snickers bars,chopped
** Stir together the flour sugar,baking powder and salt. Add the peanutbutter and mix until you have a bowl of coarse crumbs. Add the melted butter and egg to the milk and then stir this gently into the flour mixture. Mix in the snickers pieces and had dollops into the muffin liners. Cook for 20-25 mins( I'd check after 13 mins or so) when the tops should be risen,golden and firm to the to the light touch. Take out and cool on wire rack. Yields 12 muffins